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Eating in Corfu

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Eating in Corfu

There are many places to eat in Corfu Town, ranging from snack bars to fine dining, but broadly they fall into one of these categories:

  • Estiatorio (Restaurant) - Greek and International cuisine.
  • Taverna - traditional Greek dishes and Corfiot specialities.
  • Psistaria (Grill House) - meat cooked over charcoal on a spit or grill.
  • Souvlagiriko (Souvlaki Shop) - kebabs or giros stuffed inside pitta bread. The original Greek fast food.
  • Mezedopoleio - a succession of small dishes (meze) normally accompanied by ouzo or tsipouro.

Due to its history, Corfu's cuisine is different from the rest of Greece and reflects its various occupiers down the centuries. The five best known Corfiot dishes show a distinct Venetian influence. They are:

  • Sofrito - slices of beef in a garlic and parsley sauce.
  • Bourdeto - a fish stew made with hot red peppers.
  • Bianco - a white, garlicky fish stew.
  • Pastitsada - beef or chicken stewed with wine, tomatoes and spices.
  • Stifado - hare, rabbit or chicken cooked with baby onions.

The British also left a culinary legacy in the form of poutinga (bread pudding) and ginger beer - which is still brewed on the island using a recipe unchanged since Victorian times.

Drinking in Corfu

Drinks are not all ouzo and retsina although these are popular with locals and tourists alike. Ouzo is a clear spirit made from vine stalks and flavoured with aniseed. Diluted with water it goes a milky colour. Sip with a plate of olives. Retsina is white wine flavoured with pine resin. Serve very chilled and if you find the resin flavour a little strong a drop of soda water turns it into a very refreshing spritzer. Greek wine has improved immeasurably in recent years and very palatable wines are now readily available. Most beer in Greece is of the lager style and is served very cold.

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